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Summer Programs

Summer programs can help your child cultivate a talent or interest in the arts, humanities or sciences. For example, there are programs that allow your child to participate in weeklong “Explorations” in science and technology, business, engineering, computing, outdoor and environmental studies, leadership, and a variety of social-science and sports.

Summer school programs often involve a lot more hands-on learning than found in regular high school classes. Many residential summer school programs include sports, travel and social activities in their curricula. Personal development and leadership skills are also major themes.

For example: students can take a personal-growth seminar, in addition to their academic classes.

Attending a challenging summer school program can increase your child’s chances of getting into a competitive college. In fact, some summer school programs are as competitive as colleges, requiring an extensive application complete with PSAT/NMSQT or SAT scores, teacher recommendations and a personal essay.

While attendance at a high-powered summer school like Oxbridge or Harvard’s Secondary School Program (SSP) does not guarantee that your child will get into an Ivy League school or top ranking Universities, it does add a certain luster to college applications. However, a cutting-edge internship or a job that requires responsibility and leadership can look just as good on your child’s applications.

Summer School FAQ’S

How much can your family spend on summer school?

If the answer is nothing, see whether there are free programs available in your state or school district

Summer camps can vary anywhere from INR 50,000/week to INR 1,50,000/week.

When How much of the summer does your child want to commit to school?

Programs range from five days to eight weeks

What does your child want to get out of summer school?

 The goal might be to improve academic skills, attend workshops and tours that are put together to broaden their horizons and build up a whole new range of exciting experiences, which will enable them to develop skills that will help them prepare for university life and even beyond. The New programme provides international students with an exciting schedule of thought-provoking classes, guest lectures, workshops and cultural visits. The general teaching programme is highly structured; however, a comprehensive selection of non-academic cultural activities keeps students engaged for the duration of the course.

Where does your child want to stay?

 There are residential programs where students live together in dorms. In other programs, students live at home, attending school only during the day.

Can your child get high school — or college — credit for summer school courses?

Receiving credit depends both on your child’s home school and the school that gives the course


When deciding whether summer school is a good option, your child should consider the desired subject area and what type of summer program provides the best experience for it.

For more advice and for information about specific programs, your child can talk an IQ OVERSEAS EDUCATION counselor.


  •  Broadening Horizons is a scholastic and cultural programme taking place in the beautiful environment of the University of Oxford. Every year hundreds of the brightest and most motivated students attend the programme from all over the world. The programme not only offers students the opportunity to spend the summer living in the environment of a world-leading university, but it also provides students with the chance to study subjects which may not be available on the school curriculum, thereby giving a flavour of subjects which may eventually be followed at degree level.
  • The New Perspectives Programmeprovides international students with an exciting schedule of thought-provoking classes, guest lectures, workshops and cultural visits. The general teaching programme is highly structured; however, a comprehensive selection of non-academic cultural activities keeps students engaged for the duration of the course.
  • The Cambridge Enterprise Programme is an intensive summer course for high school students focusing on international business, economics and management. The course promises to deliver a high-quality academic summer programme on the campus of Clare College, University of Cambridge. The course provides training in business, economics and leadership all delivered in the unique surroundings of Clare College, University of Cambridge.
  • Law Preparation: This course is for students who have a keen mind, an interest in society and a love for argument, and who are considering studying Law at university. There are two reasons for taking this course. The first is to give students a taste of studying Law at undergraduate level. The second is to prepare them for the competitive entrance process to top law schools around the UK. In the process, the course also provides students with vital life skills such as critical thinking and logical reasoning which they will find useful during their university applications as well as in their future career, whatever it may be.
  • Medical School Preparation: This course is designed for students who are considering applying to British medical schools, who might be confused about the different courses available and the specific application processes, and who would like to receive some advice on how to start writing their personal statements. This course will help students fully prepare their medical school applications. It will guide students through what they need to know before applying, from a discussion of why Medicine might be the course and career for them to the differences between various medical schools and their application processes, with a focus on Oxford and Cambridge.
  • World University Preparation is a 2 week summer course designed to give international students the best possible chance of gaining a place at a leading UK university. The course provides a detailed introduction to UK universities and the British application system. Students receive small group tuition on important subjects including the UCAS application system; succeeding in entrance interviews; and writing personal statements. As well as being taught how and where to apply, the programme includes important lessons on IELTs Exams; Critical Thinking; and General Studies, which are all designed to prepare the student for the reasoned thinking expected by leading UK universities. The final part of the syllabus is tuition on a specific subject area selected by the student before arriving. The choice includes Economics and Management; Science for Medicine; Mathematics and Introduction to the Arts. These subjects will be taught by current post-graduates or recent graduates of Cambridge University and are designed to get students thinking about their chosen subject at university level.



  • HARVARD: The faculty consists of dynamic professors and experienced professionals who are experts in their respective fields. Each teacher is selected for his or her ability to engage students and utilize all that Cambridge and Boston have to offer. Sample Courses : International Espionage, Constitutional Law, Privacy Rights in the Digital Age, Business Models for a Better World, Environmental Policy, Crime & Criminology.
  • YALE: Interactive courses and workshops will challenge you to think critically about social issues and motivate you to be a change-maker for your community. You will design your own community service project from start to finish – all ready to implement in your home town.Boost your leadership skills through dynamic workshops in public speaking, teamwork and mock interviews. Debate important global issues, from sustainable energy and human rights, and hear from compelling guest speakers.
  • COLUMBIA: Daily Writing Classes 14 hours of expert writing instruction will help you communicate your ideas more clearly. You’ll work to formulate a thesis from the material of your life and craft it into an engaging college application essay. Expert College counselinga talented team of experienced college admissions professionals, skilled essay writing faculty and excellent SAT instructors from the Princeton Review will guide you through a rigorous and rewarding college admissions prep curriculum.
  • UC BERKLEY:The Course offerings are varied ranging from SAT Prep to Economics to Robotics. Classes are small so you can actively share ideas and collaborate with your peers. Summer fuel at Berkeley faculty is among the most talented, motivated teachers you’ll find anywhere. Our students leave us with a new passion – fully prepared for the challenges ahead.
  • STANFORD: Prepare for–and ace-the SAT, Create a comprehensive list of colleges to consider.

Write the dreaded college application essay, Master your interviewing skills get organized to meet countless deadlines.  Soak up the sun at the pool, relax under a palm tree, or go for a bike ride on Stanford’s beautiful campus. Compete in a soccer tournament, bond with hall mates at late night bonfires, or explore the restaurants and shops of Palo Alto.

  • PENN STATE: At Penn State summer programs you will earn actual College Credit Courses and High School Credits. You will also be encouraged to join the Enrichment Classes, The Kaplan SAT Prep Class, Intensive Workshop, CSI: Penn State Internships, Sports Marketing, Child Development, Speed Reading and Study Skills, Community Service, Sports Clinics specializing Tennis and Golf.