Poland is an incredible country with a diverse and rich education history. Studying in Poland will give you a high quality European degree, recognizable all around the World at a low cost! Not only you will enjoy high quality of teaching, but also have a chance to pursue your future career in EU.
Polish schools compete with each other not only to provide a wide variety of high quality courses, but also offer attractive tuition fees in programs such as MBBS, engineering, international business, tourism, hospitality and other courses. POLAND (POLSKA) lies in the very heart of the European continent making it easy to access to and from other popular European destinations. Poland is a dynamic nation in Central Europe, situated between the Baltic Sea and two mountain ranges. As a goal succeeding both politically and monetarily, it is viewed as one of the best places to intern in Europe.


World-Class Study Abroad Programs
Poland offers many remarkable study abroad programs. Among these are three very popular programs that are located in the two biggest cities in Poland: Warsaw and Krakow.
High-Quality Education
Polish Hospitality
Bologna Process
Personal Security
Poland is much more secure than the vast majority of the European nations. Indeed, even the Nordic nations, considered as extremely protected, have much higher crime rate ratio than Poland. It’s consummately safe in here for international students of all races, convictions, and origins.


Fast Growing Stable Economy
Low expenses of studying and living despite the fact that Poland is experiencing a procedure of fast monetary advancement, the typical cost for basic items is still altogether lower than the vast majority of the EU nations. An aggregate sum of 200-400 Euros is sufficient to take care of the fundamental expense of accommodation, food, and transport. The cost of amusement and cooperation in social occasions are additionally much lower than EU normal. The fundamental cost of studies is likewise extremely aggressive. The base rate is 2000 Euro a year, which is a couple of times lower than the EU normal. For quick monetary improvement Since 20 years, Polish economy has essentially been developing.

Working along with getting the Education in Poland
You can help pay for your education by working part time while you’re education.
International students have the privilege to work while getting an education in Poland. The privilege to work applies to all students, to communicate in Polish.
20 hours work allowed during studies and in addition 3 months of all day during holidays.
All day work is allowed for Residence Card holders.