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A diverse and unified program which guides the students from grade 9 to 12 to gain endless learning possibilities which will enable the student to gain entrance into the best universities around the world.

The Navigator Team includes the student, the student’s parent(s), and the Counselor.

We at NAVIGATOR will inspire and develop the unique abilities of students to become passionate learners, extraordinary citizens and authentic leaders of the 21st century by cultivating an engaging learning environment based on high standards and expectations in a culture of kindness and compassion.

We believe that…

  • Each person has unique value and purpose.
  • Each person deserves to be treated with kindness and compassion.
  • Families and other core relationships are the foundation of communities.
  • A community is responsible for nurturing and empowering life-long learners.
  • Collaboration and diversity provide broader perspectives for richer outcomes
  • People have the innate desire and ability to learn.
  • Learning is not constrained by time, place or method.
  • Change is constant; courage and adaptability determine our level of growth.
  • High expectations lead to high levels of success.
  • We are accountable to ourselves, each other and our shared future.
  • It is the goal of the NAVIGATOR to support the mission of the schools by enabling the students to reach their highest potential academically, socially, and emotionally. The goal can be accomplished best when the parents, faculty, and counselor work in a cooperative manner as the support team for the students.
  • In an effort to assist each of our students, we offer a wide variety of services to respond to individual situations or needs. These possible services include: individual counseling, group counseling, and classroom guidance, evaluate student potentials, peer leadership, college entrance counseling, summer programs and referral services.
  • The Counselor meets the student every three months in order to evaluate the progress and develop a plan of action, assess current situations, make recommendations, and make a progress report for the student. If required referrals for tutoring services are available to families upon request.

What we do

Our Professional NAVIGATOR counselors meet the needs of student in three basic domains:

Academic Development

Career Development

Personal/social development

In order to meet the above domains we ….

  • Conduct a “Psychometric Test” to identify the personality of the student capabilities and based on the results customize programs for the students.The test will identify your personality, Interest and your values.
  • We will monitor the progress regularly and do the required recommendation to achieve the maximum potential of every student.
  • Advice them regarding summer programs, send them to different countries including the country of their choice and to the potential universities for visits where they would like to study.
  • Advice students about volunteer work and community services, if required arrange for the required programs. Example : Working with Dubai Care, Emirates Environment Group, Hospitals, senior residence’s etc.
  • Advice parents of the cost involved in overseas education and help them plan.
  • Do a career mapping and career guidance.

Choosing the right career can be a very daunting task especially in a world which offers an array of paths, all of which seem to be leading to a golden goal.  Careers can actually make or break one’s life, so it is important to make the right choice. Career guidance can help you in pursuing the right courses, in the right colleges or institutes and can guide you in choosing a suitable career.

While doing a career search it is imperative to have the correct career information.  An informed choice is always a better bet than an uninformed one.  The right career advice can help you to choose a career to suit your personality as well as your aspirations.

  • Advice students on TOEFL, SAT and IELTS exams and refer them for preparation if required.
  • Arrange for Faculty members from different Universities to talk about the current career trends organize guest speaker who focuses on a specific topic of interest and concern to parents.

Parental Involvement

 Working Together

  • Both experience and research tell us that a child’s education succeeds best when there is good communication and a strong partnership between home and school. Your involvement in this partnership may include:
  • Encouraging your child to put a high priority on education and working with your child on a daily basis to make the most of the educational opportunities the school provides.
  • Ensure that your child completes all homework assignments and special projects and comes to school each day prepared, rested, and ready to learn.
  • Becoming familiar with all of your child’s school activities and with the academic programs, including special programs.
  • Discussing with the counselor or principal any questions you may have about the options and opportunities available to your child.
  • Monitoring your child’s academic progress and contacting teachers as needed.
  • Attending scheduled conferences and requesting additional conferences as needed. To schedule a telephone or in-person conference with a teacher, counselor, or principal.