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Dubai, India, Nepal, Vietnam, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Mauritius

Good agents are important looking after the interests of both the students and the universities. The strength of our partnership with educators around the world is one of the key foundations of our business. We provide our educational partners (Universities, Colleges, Schools) a comprehensive student recruitment service. We appreciate constructive feedback and criticism as we are progressing institutions and we adapt and develop our service accordingly. This explains our progress

Our strong grounding in Dubai, India, Nepal, Vietnam, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Mauritius gives us strong profile

Sub –agent model offers strong benefits for institutions and agents alike

If you are already offering Overseas Education Counseling then you can work under us as a Sub Agent. As a sub agent you will promote institutes represented by us. You will be provided full information about our educational partners and set targets that need to achieve. The commission rate from the partner institution will be shared based on volume criteria.

To start work as Sub Agent/ Agency, following conditions will apply:

  • You must have experience or already working in education counseling business.
  • We would like to work only with people who are communicative, ethical and have good business practices.
  • Sub Agency will not be provided with any training, but we will provide detailed information about partner institutes who have given us permission to work with sub agents.
  • Sub Agency cannot use our Brand name in any event, website or brochure unless otherwise authorized.
  • We could bring universities and colleges to your city with prior plans to recruit students.

If you would like to join hands with us and become IQ sub-agent, please send us your company profile and recruitment  activities and one of us will be in touch with you.