GRADE 9, 10 AND 11



Studies have shown that most high school students and their parents are confused while choosing the ‘right’ higher education courses. The uncertainty is multiplied by the fact that over 30% of the first year university students either dropout, as they cannot meet the demands of the course, or change their course in the second year because they simply did not like it. In either case the students loses one year of their academic life and parents lose one year of university fees.

Research has repeatedly demonstrated that career guidance at an appropriate stage helps students make effective career decisions, thus reduces the ever increasing dropout rate at both school and university level. Research demonstrates that students will have greater confidence in making career decisions if they:

• Have a better understanding of their interests, values and personality
• Have realistic knowledge of their abilities and aptitudes

In order to provide students with suitable career directions, we use internationally recognised Psychometric Assessment tools which are administered face-to-face. We start by assessing their interests, values and personality. This enables us to gain an understanding of the type of work tasks, industries and work environment that best suit the student’s personality. We also assess their abilities to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

We then identify the careers and courses they are most likely to enjoy, and give them an action plan to help them on the path to a fulfilling career.


  1. We use psychometric assessment tools which are developed by one of the largest and most popular tests publishers in the world. These tests are being widely used across the globe for guidance and career assessment purposes.
  2. We administer the tests face-to-face, which eliminates the risks associated with online assessment.
  3. We use India based norms for comparison – we would compare the abilities of a student in India with other students in India and not with the students in the UK or the USA – comparing apples with apples. We have a range of services to offer for students and their parents. That includes ability assessment, personality evaluation and assessment of their work preferences, values and interests.


  1. We will use General Reasoning Tests.  It is a comprehensive and in-depth measure of Intelligence. The test has been designed to assess general reasoning ability and suitable for high school students.
  2. The tests will be administered by a qualified Career Counsellors to individual or group of students at a time.

CAREER ASSESSMENT TESTS: based on Jungian type theory similar to MBTi

    This test will help to understand what careers are right for you, it help you discover what personality type you are and use that information to build a profile of what might satisfy you in a career
    This will help you learn more about your underlying work needs and motivations and can help to understand what is important to you in a job, this test will also help you know your work values and can help you decide what kinds of jobs and careers you might want to explore
    This inventory will help you find out what your interests are and understand how they relate to the world of work. This test will compare your personal interests to those of people in different careers,and this score will help to identify your strongest work related interests. This theory is based on the fact that the more compatible a person’s interest are with the work environment, the greater success and satisfaction the individual is likely to experience.

INTEPRETATION OF THE TEST – 1 hour/individual

The career counsellor will give individual feedback based on the requirments for a 1 hour session

  • The assessment will clearly identify 3-4 career options for the student. The report includes a complete description of each of the career options, university admission requirements, and certifications as well job outlook once the student enters the workforce.

Decode your Personal DNA

Psychometrictesting unravels your personality, aptitude and intelligence, so you can make informed decisions about your career.