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Using standardized tests to conduct assessments is advantageous for several reasons.

  1. Standardized tests yield quantifiable information (scores, proficiency levels, and so forth), results can be used in screening programs (e.g., identifying those students in need of further assessment).
  2. Standardized test results provide information regarding an examinee’s areas of strength and weakness.
  3. The results allow a student to be compared to age- or grade-peers.
  4. Finally, standardized tests can be used to assess students’ progress over time (e.g., re administering tests after the application of an intervention or following the institution of a remedial program)
  5. The most important advantage of results from a test administered in a standardized fashion is that the results can be documented and  verified by universities. This then allows for the results to be interpreted and ideas about an individual’s skills generalized

IQ Overseas Education offers these standized prep tests, we understand that different students learn in different ways hence we offer FREE diagnostic test to understand  your level


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