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IQ  Study Abroad Division

IQ  Study Abroad Division operates as the representative  of select high quality institutions in the Europe . US, UK,  Canada,  Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia enrolling students Globally. This division helps students for undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Medicine, Management, Information Technology, Law, Engineering and other programs at the institutions.

IQ Test Prep Division

IQ works as a leading test preparation center in India, with a proven track record in producing high score results for IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GRE and GMAT. IQ’s success results from a focused approach to conquering the tests, which places emphasis on thinking your way to a high score. IQ not only strengthens students’ fundamental skills, but more importantly, it provides students with a full understanding of the test style and question type, thus ensuring that students can master the test. Coupling the skills IQ teaches students with a library of questions that students can practice at home is the key to its effectiveness.  IQ works very closely with schools and colleges to improve the prep standards

At each session, we will cover key topics and question types of the tests, delve into the concepts with great detail, and provide sufficient practice and drills to crystallize the concepts taught. At the end of the course students will have the ability and techniques needed to ace the tests

IQ English Language Training

  1. Why English Language

IQ ENGLISH is a friendly and professional institute specialized in teaching English. From General English, to Business English and IELTS, we’re here to help people in Europe and Portugal in particular to feel more confident. If you’re looking to improve your language skills, then gives us a visit. You will love the qualified teachers, and the friendly feel inside this cool and funky institute.’

English is truly the global language, and whether you choose to go to New Zealand or to study from home on your computer, our English language courses are the perfect way to learn English and get more comfortable speaking the language. If its city life and culture you’re after, London, New York, or Los Angeles are just the tickets. If sun and sand sound better to you, we have English language schools just minutes from the beach in beautiful Hawaii, San Diego, or Malta. Whenever you choose to learn English, when you study at our English language school you’re guaranteed to benefit from our long experience teaching English, laser focus on practical communication skills and highly-qualified teachers.


Learning English will open doors

English is widely known as the global language, and today it’s actually the most-spoken language in the entire world. Whether your interests are personal or professional, learning English will open doors both expected and unexpected. No matter where in the world you go today, you’ll always find someone who speaks at least a bit of English. If you want to travel abroad, work internationally or simply be able to understand all the latest movies and music, learning English at our English language School will lead you down the path you’re dreaming of. Learn English and see how quickly your world expands.


Achieve fluency, see the world, expand your international network – and launch your global future. Study for 6,9, or 11 months and start in April, June, September or January.

Combined language and academic studies. You’ll achieve language fluency with your personalized program – while focusing on the career or academic pursuit of your choice.


Programs for ambitious students.

Whether you’re looking for an opportunity for a gap year abroad or you’d like to spend part of you next vacation experiencing a new culture, we have programs designed just for you. University students will find a range of academic and linguistic programs in exciting destinations around the world to complement their studies. Younger students can consider a high school study abroad program as the first step towards becoming citizens of the world.


Immersion experiences

There is no faster way to learn something than to immerse yourself in it, whether you’re learning to paint or leaning to speak French. IQ has been helping people immerse themselves in other cultures through language immersion programs.

Magical about diving into an experience like that head first. You’ll come with new competencies and a deeper understanding of the world.



Guaranteed results. You’ll advance one level every six weeks – thanks to our innovative and personalized learning whether that blends classroom lessons, interactive tools and cultural immersion. At IQ, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all language learning. That’s why we offer courses to suit your every need. With intakes every Monday and courses ranging from 2-52 weeks, you can choose the length and intensity of your studies along with your special interest classes.

2. Virtual, blended and online learning


Virtual Classroom allows you to learn everywhere at anytime

Whether you would like to study at home, during business trip or while on vacation: The Virtual Classroom is ideal for students who would like to remain flexible – independent from fixed times or locations.

Our Virtual Classroom is an attractive alternative to classroom environment. It provides an opportunity to learn and practice a language without being physically present at a local center. This option works like a face-to-face webinar where you are able to interact with your trainer and other students in a dynamic environment. In addition, IQ offers a large number of e-learning exercises that match your level and includes extras such as dictionaries and grammar books. All you need to participate in one of our Virtual Classrooms is a computer with integrated audio and webcam.

 The smart blended learning solution

Combine lively classroom training with the additional and effective IQ online learning –is the perfect blended learning course and is available in five languages:  English, French, Italian, Spanish and German.

IQ Classroom training as well as online learning is implemented with unique training methods and exclusive learning material. What makes the online training material extraordinary is that it is tailor-made for the student. Learning units contain a variety of online exercises that are effective, useful and fun at the same time.

Why blended?

Blended English language courses offer you the advantages of classroom-based training integrated with the cost effectiveness and flexibility of e learning, combining group learning and discussion, self-study, interactive learning and individual tutoring with qualified professional English teachers.

Course Objectives

“Integrating online study with lessons in person or by telephone with a qualified native English teacher, to learn better and with more flexibility.”

Blended learning courses are designed to improve the participant’s use of English in all four language areas including fluency and comprehension.

The e learning part of the learning cycle expands and enriches the participant’s knowledge of vocabulary and grammar, and improves reading and listening comprehension.

Participants improve their fluency through applied simulations, conversation, and skills workshops with native English language trainers – the classroom or by telephone, with virtual classroom or email support.

 How can a blended English course help us?

  • Effectiveness and Productivity – Optimize the learning process
    • More time available with the trainer for fluency practice and consolidation of new learning through role-plays
    • 360 degree learning and practice of each skill in a realistic business context
    • More emphasis on applying new language to the client’s business and sector.
  • Flexibility – adapt the course to your work schedule and demands
    • Shorter, more powerful learning curve and adapting the pace to each individual’s needs and abilities.
  • Innovation – improve the training process
    • Powerful and insightful progress monitoring and reporting
    • Higher student motivation and participation
    • Stimulating high-quality interactive content and be spoke classroom role-plays.

 So how does it work?

The course integrates classroom of telephone coaching lessons with a qualified English language teacher with online study to improve the participant’s application of new learning and their confidence in using English.

The training focuses on the specific objectives of each individual and the development of new, relevant skills, using an initial Training Needs Analysis to recommend a personalized learning path, while providing the participant and the HR Department with measurable and documented progress statistics.

The e learning part of the blended learning course allows the participant to choose which topics to focus on according to their individual strengths and weakness in comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, etc. Participants can also choose the specialize in Business English or General English, or a personalized combination of both.

To see some example online exercises, click on the image below:

Personalizing learning cycle

The first part of the course concentrates on testing, induction, and tailoring the course to the individual needs of each participant.

The second part is divided into two streams – didactic and application/practice. The didactic stream means every participant can:

  • Study at their own pace due to the flexibility of the e learning course
  • Practice and perfect new concepts with a qualified English Teacher
  • Receive feedback and reminders from the lesson follow-up

The application/practice stream reinforces and builds confidence in the participant’s use of the English language through role-plays, conversation, skill workshops and debates. The lessons with the teacher are designed to focus on specific Business English situations and/or general English language skills.

The skills workshops can be adapted to deliver specialized client- or sector specific training, as well as communication skills training in topics such as international presentations, Clear Communication, Negotiations in English, Working in International Teams, Understanding and Writing Legal Documents, etc.