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Ms Shanthi Ramachandran our Managing Director has done her bachelors in Business Economics with a Masters in History and Educational Psychology . She has successfully placed students in high ranking universities in countries where there is quality education, an educationist herself, she truly believes and vividly emphasizes on the relationship between the teacher and the taught and the role played by the teacher in shaping and molding the personality of her pupils, These roles have allowed her to further develop her leadership abilities as well as networking, management, and communication skills

She went on to do her Post Graduate diploma for teachers and trainers from The University of Cambridge as her passion lies in teaching and her greatest joy comes from her students’ “aha” moments.  She is widely read and has travelled round the world, observing and understanding repute and standing and it has been her endeavor  to create enriching opportunities for students to take part in world class education. Shanthi’s personal involvement and her emphasis on excellent service standards have redefined the role of education consultancy in today’s dynamic and highly competitive academic environment.