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Benefits of Overseas Education


Benefits of Overseas Education

Overseas education has always been ‘The Dream’ of many Indians. Is it the desire for foreign lifestyle or is it lack of educational amenities in India that is driving the young minds towards this?

The answer is none. The main reason behind this exodus through education is the thirst to see the world.

As wise men say , you only discover your potential, once you get out of the comfort zone. Studying abroad seems to be a fine option to embark on a journey of discovering one’s strengths and potential.

There are many Indian students, who are studying in universities abroad whose global ranks are quite low compared to IIT(s) or NIT(s). And the strangest partis  , some of these students have even got through IIT(s) and other premium colleges in India.

Then why are they opting for low ranked colleges located in Europe or America? With time, young Indian students are getting adventurous. For them success is not measured in terms of degree or percentage. Rather for many it is the passion to explore the different facets and cultures of the world. Once we start experiencing different cultures, we develop adaptability and tolerance towards many. We shape our own identity, taking the traits of different culture, best suited to an individual. The heart remains at India, but the mind gets globalized.

The best part about overseas education is the opportunity to get involved in various unconventional courses. Although India ranks quite high in mainstream educational domains like science and engineering, when it comes to offbeat studies, the number of universities still upsets the new generation. The whole world has a plethora of options to suit our passion, then why will we confine ourselves only to our homeland?

Studying in a distant land undoubtedly makes you a more independent person when you come to realize the struggle to survivealone. Home is surely the place where your heart resides, but we never realize this unless we start feeling the homesickness,travelling widens your horizons and helps you explore your innerself. The younger generation is gradually trying to get out of their shell. Creating one’s own identity is becoming a crucial factor amongst the youth . And what better way to shape this identity than by exporing the unique opportunities available through Education . After all.. “Life is a travel to the edge of knowledge”.

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